Thursday, September 27, 2012

Apple Crisp Weather

The weather has definitely changed and it has gotten much cooler over the past few weeks.  I must say that Fall is my favorite season.  It might be the temperature, colors, fashion, and warm cozy comfort food.  When it comes to food or should I say desserts I'm more of a cake and cupcake kind of person.  However, when my husband and I went on a recent trip to a local apple orchard and tried the wines and bought some cider donuts, I was in the mood for some apple - something.  Then my friend Megan of Closet Fashionista posted the apple crisp photos on Instagram, and it was over (thanks Meg!).  Amazing how one picture can inspire.  I had to make it.  Since I've never made such a thing, she suggested that I try the Martha Stewart Apple Crisp Recipe.  I hurried to the grocery store the next day after work and made sure that I had everything including ice cream and made this lovely and delicious creation.  I pretty much followed the recipe except that I doubled the topping recipe - just because.  Let's just say that this whole pan didn't last that long in my house. If you try it, you'll know why.  What's your favorite Fall food?
It all started with some Gala apples.
Kind of wished that I had a fancy apple peeler and corer.
Apples ready to be cored and sliced.
It was tough not to dig right in when it came out of the oven.
I personally was happy how it turned out with double the topping recipe...oh yea and my husband was too.
Apple Crisp A-La Mode.  De-lish.  De-lovely.


When I lived in Boston a looooong time ago, I passed by the Boston Public Library hundreds of times. Sadly, not one of those times where I stopped to really look at it or even go inside.  The beauty of the architecture, the statues, the writings and names etched on the bricks of the actual building.  When I was in Boston in July I saw this magnificent structure a several times going to and from my hotel.  Although I wished I had some time to just wander inside and roam through the building, I was still appreciative of the outside.  

Ever rediscover something that you've already seen before but see it in a different way?
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Two Sides of Queens

A few weekends ago, my husband and I brought my MIL to Kennedy Airport in Queens.  We thought this was a great opportunity to spend some time in Korea Town where we had lunch and did some grocery shopping.  First of all, the weather was being very odd.  We thought that it would only rain, but turns out that a tornado or water spout landed in Brooklyn that day the same time we were there.  We didn't see anything that resembled a swirling funnel, but from my pictures we should have known at the time that something was brewing.
The sun peeking through.
Something's brewing.
Whitestone Bridge on the way to JFK.

If you've seen my older post about K-Town, you'll know what kind of trip it is...a lot of eating.  Usually we take the trip with my MIL, however this time it was just hubby and I.  The food was quite overwhelming, more than usual.  We still managed to clear up most of it, though.

Several side dishes that went along with our barbecue.
After our trip to the grocery store and picked up some mochi, Korean Doritos (hubby HAD to get them), cucumber kimchi, and other Korean condiments we were prepared to head back home.  We somehow missed a turn to get on the highway and were headed toward the other end of Queens, NY.  As a last minute change we decided to go to Woodside where there's a small section of Filipino restaurants and bakeries.  We've never been so we thought, might as well go!  Plus, it was perfect timing because I was craving for a dessert. 

Jollibee is a common fast food chain in the Philippines and is finally in the East Coast!
What a great road trip!  Do you like going for a drive?  Taking a map and just saying "I'm going there today"?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Ran With The Big Dogs

You may know me as a crafter, thrifter, shopper, maker, blogger...but never a runner.  I finally did my first 5K run this past weekend and I am still glowing from my accomplishment.  For someone who's never even thought of running, or even liked it - this was a major milestone for me.  I was never an athlete growing up.  I played some volleyball in middle school and like I've said before I was in track in high school but was not a runner, but a thrower.  Therefore the most running that I did was half a mile or two laps around the track if I ever finished, but most of the time I walked it.  I have many friends who have done 5K's, half marathons, marathons, and triathlons and I've never had the urge to do one.  Recently my husband did the Spartan Race (5K with serious obstacle courses through the woods) with two of our friends and I was quite inspired and kind of jealous.  I told myself, one day maybe I'll get to do one. steps, right?  Then one day my friend told me that he signed up for the Northeastern Big Dog 5K and suggested that I run it too.  Being an alum and that I'm still paying my loans for my college education, I have strong ties to I said "oh alright".  Grumble.  Grumble.
It was a dreary and chilly day.  We had to get up early to catch the T into the city and get our bib numbers.  I didn't think I would get so nervous, but I got so nervous to the point where I thought I was going to vomit.  It was that bad.  I thought "I just have to cross the finish line" and that was the plan.  I've been training for the past few weeks by jogging around the neighborhood jogging/walking combination for about an hour.  I never jogged a full 3 miles the whole way, so I never fathomed that I would even try it...but I did it!!  Ok, I stopped once when I got a stomach cramp after drinking water (bad mistake) which slowed me down.  Still, it was a huge accomplishment.  Maybe it was running with a crowd made me push myself to pass people?  Maybe because I just wanted to finish faster than an hour or maybe even faster than 45 minutes?  Whatever it was... I finished under 35 minutes!
Miles the smart car.
It was a cloudy day by the Charles River, but a perfect day for a race.
My view while I was halfway done.
Northeastern alum, students, faculty, and friends who ran the Big Dog 5K.
Walking over Storrow Drive.
Beautiful view after the race.
Let's go NU!
I am so thankful to my husband who fully supported me and helped me train for this 5k, my friend and fellow alum Del who got me to sign up, my family who wished me good luck, my good friends and co-workers who cheered me on through texts and Facebook, and other bloggers who sent their well wishes.  I thought about all of you while I pushed myself to get to the finish line.  However, this might not be the end.  From what I hear this running thing can get addicting.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Week In Pictures 22.0

1  Since it has gotten a little colder...ok a lot..I buckled down and finally wore my first pair of jeans of the season!

2  A rainy day calls for a blue day.

3  Tempting cookie and pastry display at Whole Foods.  

4  My newest Dela Chicky Owl ornament in my Etsy shop.

5  German food and beer for my husband's birthday! 

6  A little drive with the little pup.

7  The first few hours of my 5K weekend began sitting in traffic at the Mass Pike, but still worth it.

8 & 9 Definitely did a lot of celebrating after my 5K (post to come).

How was your week?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Here Apizza There Apizza

I usually associate Fridays with pizza.  Maybe it's from when I was in elementary school and used to have the school lunch which was always the mass produced frozen rectangle pizza on Fridays.  Now that I'm way past my elementary school days,  pizza is associated with happy hour or maybe just the end of a long work week and I don't feel like making anything and it's the one of the easiest things to get for dinner all wrapped up in a flat box. 
Anyway, there's so many places in New Haven who claim to be the best pizza in town.  Some may have their favorite pizzeria around the corner from them, and some will trek across town just to have a slice.  Either way, there's so many to choose from if you're ever around.  In a small area near downtown is a little section where there's two pizzerias that have been "battling" over the decades whether who's the best.  There's Sally's and there's Pepe's.  Whatever the story may be, I have always gone to Pepe's. 
They go way back.
I cannot comment on Sally's pizza because I've never been there.  However, to me Pepe's never disappoints.  Even with the long wait and the long lines that start even before they open, people still flock there to have their "famous" pizza.  I've been told by the girl behind the counter that people will travel to Pepe's and sometimes take "to go" to a whole other level - like bringing it on a plane to California. 
THE brick oven.
Making the pies.
On my most recent trip to the pizzeria, I ordered five large pizzas to go and drove 45 minutes to get to my destination at a family gathering, the car smelled of cheese and sauce, and all the various toppings but it was still just as good as if we ate it at the restaurant.  Have you ever had Pepe's? What's your take?  Are you team Sally's or Pepe's?  Will you be having pizza today?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubby

Today I just want to take the time to celebrate my husband, T's birthday!  My one and only is finally the same age as me again...he's a little younger by a few months.  We've celebrated his birthday for many years, and today we will party it up by going to his favorite restaurant and enjoying some German beer.  Here's to my love - wishing him a happy happy birthday!  Kamsahamnida.  Mahal kita.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

August Correspondence Club

Last month I signed up to be part of the Star Crossed Smile Correspondence Club .  Nnenna who organizes the whole thing partnered me up with Tracy of Sunny Days and Starry Nights.  It's really a fun and nice way to get to know other bloggers out there. I got to know a little more about Tracy than the average blog reader which was pretty cool and she picked out some special things to add to my CClub package too!  For the August theme, Nnenna asked all participants to tell each other a little more about their hometown.  Since it was during the month of Olympics, it was encouraged to talk about hometown pride. 
A handmade card for my CClub Partner, Traci.
My package for Traci: necklace from the Philippines, sparkly bracelets, and a dela chic crocheted owl.
Goodies from Tracy! 
If you'd like to participate in the Correspondence Club, contact Nnenna or check out her blog for more information!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Turn to the Left, Fashion!

I don't categorize myself as a style blogger.  There are so many of you out there and I am by no means going trying to claim myself as one.  I do however love fashion, trends, and shopping.  I love reading about it, get excited about it, and try to recreate it.  Shopping for the real deal off the runway, off the rack - fughettaboutit!  This is where my bargain hunting and sewing skills come in.  I stalk clothing at stores and wait for it to go on sale, or get similar affordable pieces compared to those seen on magazines.  I visit thrift stores to find what could be on trend that is a fraction of the price and maybe make some alterations.  Either way, I make it work for me and my itty bitty budget.  I've been asked what is my fashion style and recently I have been more open to patterns and prints but still stick to simple shapes and colors from time to time.
Some of my blogger friends who do outfit of the days would be proud of me for posting this...
this is as close as it's going to get - for now! haha  Baby steps.
What about you?  What's your fashion style and how do you accomplish your trademark "look"? 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Week In Pictures 21.0

1  If you haven't seen my post on Instagram, I signed up for my first 5k and have been training for the past few weeks.  I have never been a runner.  EVER!  I was in track in high school as a know shot put and the discus, however, that was very short lived.  We shall see if this 5k will keep me going or whether I can just check it off my bucket list and then move on.

2  My mother in law left for Korea last week and we are now doggie sitting her toy yorkie Todo.  Here he is snuggled up with Happy.

3  Getting the most out of this skirt at the end of the summer season.  I'm sure I can change it up for fall, right??

4  My latest creation - Boston Bruins ear flap hat.  Yes folks, it's gotten chillier and you know what that means....crocheting time.

5  The end of a long work week calls for some Korean barbecue, cucumber kimchi, and white rice.  The trifecta of goodness.  My husband graciously cooked this up and made his watermelon with Soju (Korean rice wine) cocktail drink.

6  So now we have three dogs in the house.  They've outnumbered us and have taken over the bed!!
They do look cute all snuggled together.

7  Go Go Gadget!  My husband and I have new toys that have been helping us both train for this upcoming 5K.  Believe me, I can use all the help I can get!!  Are you a runner? Any pointers or advice?

8  I had some buttermilk left over in the fridge and thought what better way to use it than to make buttermilk strawberry pancakes with a hint of cinnamon?!  It was pretty good for the first time making it.  I love it when I find a recipe online and it works out well and tastes good.

9  I was out doing some shopping and I had to get this mustache key ring.  When you press the button on the side, it say "Well hello there".  I got a kick out of it!

How was your week?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Blog-iversary

Nothing better than a homemade carrot cupcake by my sissy.  Yummy!

I have been M.I.A.  Serious hiatus.  Thank you for your patience and thank you for coming back to visit.  I realized that I've passed my actual blog-iversary by a few days....ok by almost a whole month..more than a month.  It was actually August 3rd last year when I had my very first blog post (that I actually kept and didn't delete).  I can't believe that it's been 158 posts ago!  It took me a long time until I got the nerve to start this blog, and it took more for me to get into the groove of things.  I admit I had some doubts many times.  My main questions were "who the heck would read this?" and "who the heck would care?".  Well, turns out that there are people out there who do read my little blog in my itty bitty corner of the internet...and there are those who do care.  Just wanted to give a shout out to those who have supported me and this little creative spot of mine for the past 158 posts for the past year...thank you.
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